Attention Brides! Fit 2 Commit

Hello lovely ladies!

Are you wanting to get just a bit more fit for the big day? Contact Erica! She is amazing, and always delivers!

We had the privilege of photographing Erica and one of her classes for her site. This is what Erica has to say…

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Let’s see, growing up in the north taught me… to appreciate the summertime (all 2 weeks of it), to always say “sack” instead of “bag” when grocery shopping in another state, how to layer appropriately, how to mask the bug spray scent, how to bait a fishing line, oh and of course how to filet the fish you caught with that bait. I’m only joking, sort of. I did learn Midwest survival skills. I was blessed enough to have a bomb ass mom & big brother. We were always laughing and spending time together. My mom always supported me as long as I was happy.  But it took me a minute to find my happy. Once I finally took a step back and reflected on what I have always loved doing rather than what I “should” be doing, everything fell into place. Health and fitness are my passion and sharing what I know with all of you, that is what makes me happy.

I spent all of college learning about the human body. I took pretty much every science class imaginable. And after 4 years, I had a good grasp on how the body works on a cellular level. I started connecting what I learned in college with what I ate and did in the gym. It was all so fascinating! I woke up one day, after a year of boring ass lab work and realized I was ready to find my happy. I was already healthy and fit but not happy. It wasn’t long after that I moved to Colorado and started my journey. Terrified, I started my personal training and bridal fitness business. I stuck with what I know and by some miracle people actually liked it. So here I am, a year and a half later, working hard everyday to learn more and share it with you because that’s what makes me happy.

Where I learned all that crap..

*My Mother. There is no one like her in this world.

*University of Kansas where I got a BS in Biochemistry

*CPT from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

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