It was a blessing in disguise that I did not have my digital camera with me with Ara called me to do a maternity session while we were in town together in Mexico. I only had my old film camera and some old velvia slide film with me at the time, and decided to get back to the basics and really focus on each shot taken before just snapping away.  We took a total of two rolls of film in just over an hour, where usually I would have a couple hundred photos to pick from.

I kept catching myself looking at the back of my camera for a preview only to remember that I was shooting film! I have to say, I loved doing an entire session with slide film.

The photos you are seeing have very little edits done…One thing I miss about film is it’s richness and life.

Ara is a soon to be mother of two. I met her three years ago when I moved to Mexico with my husband. She no longer lives in the city where we met, but we get a chance to see her and her beautiful family when they do come to town. She is a wonderful mother, friend and wife. I am honored to call her my friend and to be able to document such an important milestone in her life.

Photographs taken in Coatzacoalcos Veracruz.

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